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JPS Gallery – Autumn Dreams by August Vilella

October 22, 2021 - November 20, 2021

JPS Gallery is delighted to present Autumn Dreams, a solo exhibition of August Vilella, on view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location in LANDMARK ATRIUM. This exhibition marks the artist’s first solo show in Hong Kong, showcasing a series of new paintings that feature his signature big eyed characters, guiding the audience to dive deep into their subconscious through their reflective gazes.

Working under the Surrealist automatism method, like his innovative predecessors, Vilella creates his paintings without any previous sketches or ideas. Instead, each work is painted from his subconscious mind as he accesses his material. From this process, he created his big eyed characters, who are spirits that came to his mind, introducing their dream-like world to the audience. In the artist’s own words, “I don’t choose my characters… in some way they choose me.”

Vilella’s style and technique poses an interesting juxtaposition with his creating method. He employs fine brushstrokes and applies multiple thin layers of oil paint and varnish onto his canvases. He also plays with light and shadows, producing a heightened dramatic effect, vitality and exuberance in his paintings. Completed with his original gold frames, his works recall the ones of the old masters, displaying a flamboyant and vivid picture for the audience.

The contrast of his creative method and oeuvre can be seen throughout the presented series. In The Carp (2021), Vilella depicted a scene of a big eyes character riding a gigantic carp reaching over a Sakura tree. Set in a very high-contrast and dramatic atmosphere, the image is poetic and emotionally charged, inviting the audience to ponder and reflect on the seemingly direct subject.

Haunting in their extraordinary and distinctive imagery, the presented works exemplify Vilella’s ability to evince uncanny and stylized forms through precise explorations of color and shadow, transporting the audience to an ultra-reality within themselves.

August Vilella is a self-taught painter who creates oil paintings that open dialogues with contemporary and classical art. Working in the Surrealist automatism method, he creates without any previous sketches or ideas. Each painting has a unique psychical opening and meaning that reflect the subconscious mind.

Using classical oil techniques, his works evoke a dream-like aura in a magical, metaphorical and philosophical language. The use of light and shadows and refined brushstrokes in his works recall works of the old masters, presenting an interesting juxtaposition with his cartoonish characters. Vilella’s characters often feature stylized big eyes, through their insightful gaze, the audience is invited to engage with their deep emotions, exploring the feelings with quiet introspections.

Born in Barcelona in 1986, Vilella was the winner of numerous artist prizes including, Best Artist at the Tokyo International Art Fair in 2016; Best Innovative Art at The Global Art Awards of Dubai (UAE) in 2017; International Artist Grand Prize and Chairman ́s Award in the Art Revolution Taipei in 2018. His works are also featured in various media outlets,including Vice, Hi-Fructose and Beautiful Bizarre.

August Vilella 自學油畫,所以他的畫作清新,讓當代藝術與古典藝術遙相對話。他不起稿,也不事先構思主題,而是把超現實主義自動性技法融入到油畫當中,他的每一張畫作也由零出發,讓他的靈魂從潛意識浮現到畫布上。

他採用經典油畫光影技術,讓作品呈現出如夢似幻的氛圍,並蘊藏著一種隱喻性,甚至是哲學性的語言。他精湛的油畫技術使人不其然聯想起古典大師的鉅著。當古典特色遇上當代個人風格,趣味便油然而生。Vilella 的筆下角色都擁有一雙水靈靈的大眼睛,彷佛定神地望穿了觀眾的靈魂,刺探他們心底幽深的秘密,沉默地觀察。

Viella 出生於一九八六年的巴塞羅那,現在於東京生活和工作。他獲獎無數,包括二零二六年東京藝術博覽會的「最佳藝術家」、二零一七年阿聯酋杜拜全球藝術獎的「最具創意藝術獎」、二零一八年的國際藝術家大獎賽和台北新藝術博覽會的「大會主席獎 」。他的作品還曾刊登在《Vice》、《糖果雜誌》和《Beautiful Bizarre》等不同的媒體上。


October 22, 2021
November 20, 2021
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